Pendulum Swing Meaning

Pendulum Swing Meaning
by Kinthia

The dowsing represented by the pendulum is the art of perceiving any wave, any magnetic field, coming from different environments or different bodies. The pendulum serves to amplify these waves or magnetic fields. This object also allows you to know the future. How to use the divinatory pendulum for this purpose? We will explain everything to you in detail.

What is a pendulum?

The use of the pendulum is vast. The pendulum is used in the practices of divination, locating an object or a person, or purifying an aura…

The divinatory pendulum is made up of a chain or cord to hold it and a suspended object which comes in several categories: shapes, colors, nature (rock, crystal, stone or semi-precious stone, copper, brass, wooden, quartz, metal, amethyst…), etc. but even with this diversity the principle remains the same.

The pendulum turns, and your hand must not move, you are only the receiver, the witness of the tool’s oscillations.
But, how do you use this divinatory tool? And what types of questions can it answer with its response? In this article, you’ll find this out for both beginners and more experienced people who want to learn how to use a pendulum.

First steps with your divinatory pendulum

To start practicing the pendulum for divination, some advise buying a pendulum for beginners: lighter, smaller, and the swinging/oscillations can be more obvious.

I didn’t buy a pendulum said to be for beginners, I went there on a whim because it is said that the pendulum chooses the person who will hold it in their hands.

To choose your pendulum, you can hold it in the palm of your hand and feel its vibrations. But, your pendulum is the one who chooses you, but you choose to buy him 😉!

Purification of the pendulum: an essential step

Once purchased, the divinatory pendulum must be purified.

He could have been touched by several people. That can mess up the energy, so it’s extremely necessary to go through the stage of purification.

To do this, you can put it in a small cup with coarse salt, or run it under cold water and then dry it with a clean white cloth.

It is also recommended to leave it overnight under the moonlight. Some also recommend leaving it underground.

Your pendulum and you: a bond you must nail down

After this stage of purification, the pendulum must get used to your vibrations and energy.

To do this, keep it on you for several hours. I recommend that you keep it on you for at least three days. Once the pendulum gets used to you, your energy, and your vibration you can finally program it!

The programming of the pendulum

Wondering how to program your pendulum? There are a few different methods and I will explain them to you below.

The first thing to do is find the best technique to hold it, for example putting your elbow on the table, so that your hand does not move.

Once you are well positioned, take your pendulum and ask it to choose the direction of “yes”. To put it simply, you hold him and ask him, “What is the meaning of yes?”. Once the meaning of “yes” has been defined, if your pendulum swings, but only a tiny bit, ask it to increase its swinging to confirm the meaning. Focus on the direction of rotation so that the swings of the pendulum are bigger and bigger.

Then, once you define the direction of “yes”, it is often clockwise (the direction is different for each person and each pendulum), it is necessary to define the direction of “no”. Again, naturally, ask the pendulum to choose its swings to indicate “no”.

The third and last step: the “maybe“, is used for the questions to which the pendulum cannot answer, or your question is too vague, etc, still, let the pendulum choose its frequency by itself.

This time, the pendulum is ready to use!

The first exercise tries to confirm if the pendulum has acquired different directions. First, empty your head so you don’t influence the pendulum. Focus on your question. “Am I wearing a pink sweater? Is it raining?.”

Does the pendulum react? In this case, it is a good sign. To make sure of the link uniting you to your pendulum, you can say ” STOP ” to it and its oscillations will cease. To be sure of the answer you can ask the pendulum to enlarge its oscillations.

You must perform this ceremony each time you use the pendulum to agree together on the direction of the pendulum swings.

From experience, I can tell you that it is better for the pendulum to decide its own swings. He is the one with the answers. So why force it to spin it in a certain way to conform to your rules? Because it’s more comfortable for you? In my opinion, to never maintain an oversized ego in esotericism (which is a real risk), it is essential to leave room for divinatory help, all the places they deserve, namely a central place. Because, without them, the seer who seeks to practice divination is absolutely nothing! We are the tools, the transmitters. It is therefore up to us to conform to their mode of operation and not the other way around…

There you go, your pendulum will be your favorite companion and I wish you a great adventure with it…

The use of the divinatory pendulum with boards, maps, and photos

A pendulum can also be used with planks to specify an answer. These boards can be bought in esoteric stores or can be made by yourself. The answers then brought by the pendulum are not confined to a yes/no/maybe.

For example, you are looking to locate a person or an object. Take a card and place the pendulum just above it. Ask your question aloud “where should I look for my pet/a missing person?”. The more the pendulum swings, the more you will know that the area to be searched for is “hot” and therefore close. Find an increasingly precise map, until you isolate a district or even a street, and even the precise location. As you understand, the goal is to “target” an increasingly fine zone.

For an object lost in your home, you can do the same thing, by drawing a plan of your home with precise markers (furniture, doors, plants, etc.). Hold your pendulum and ask to locate your object. Place your pendulum above each piece. Ask your tool if your object is located in such a room until you locate the room. Then, when you enter the room, make sure to locate a specific area. Let the pendulum guide you through its swings.

Some people don’t use a board and use their pendulum as the dowsing rod on-site.

They let the pendulum direct them.

Do the method that suits you best and for that only experimentation can guide you. No one else will know better than you what feels most relevant to you. It is according to each sensibility.

Alternatively, the boards can be used to purify a person’s aura. For this, remember that if you have a pendulum for divination, you cannot also use it to purify a person’s aura. One tool = one use.

To cleanse a person’s aura, you need a full-body photo of the person that allows you to see all of the subject’s aura. You can use a board to guide you in your exercise. I’m talking about boards, but are you following me?

A plank is a half arch cut into several parts. They can be either blank (in the idea that you are going to fill in the parts you want yourself) or they can be pre-filled.

blank board for pendulum practice

blank board for pendulum practice

In our case, the boards will be indicated to seek for example the opening of a chakra.

We seek to know the opening of a chakra. By using a blank board, we can know the precise degree of opening. You can enter a blank board, and note the degrees of opening by “slice” for example 0 – 5%, 5 – 10%, and so on up to 105%. Why 105%? A chakra may be too open, in which case it will need to be rebalanced.

Your board will serve as a support. Post the person’s photo. Ask your pendulum to indicate the degree of opening of chakra X (crown, third eye, sacred…) with a precise title:

“Pendulum, can you tell me the degree of opening of the crown chakra of Emilie born on 05/14/1984 whose photo is above?”

With your board, the pendulum will show you a precise answer. You can then have a clear idea and make decisions accordingly.

Then, to purify a person’s aura (or a chakra), take the photo of your witness (which must be the only thing on it!). Concentrate. Ask that the pendulum can drive out bad energies by replacing them with positive energy. See all the negative draining away and gradually being replaced by golden glitter symbolizing positive energy.

Gradually, the oscillations of your pendulum will change direction, as if it were a question of a necessary charging time. Let the pendulum run on its own. You are only the witness. When the purification has finished its work, ask that the pendulum stop itself.

You can then proceed to the next chakra until the total purification of the subject.

At the end of this exercise, it is imperative to purify your pendulum.

How to properly ask a question to the pendulum?

Let’s come to another part: how to use your pendulum. For your pendulum to be able to answer your question, the title of your question must be clear and precise. Don’t ask vague questions, let alone ask questions that are too long in the title or include a question within the question. The shortest questions are the most effective. So, if you want to know if reconciliation with your ex is possible, ask a standard question:

– “Is my ex going to come back into my life?” or “will I resume a married life with X?”

rather than a typical question:

– “I would like to know if I will reconcile with X and resume a married life quickly?”

If you want to get a clear answer from the pendulum, the question must be crystal clear.

Why does my pendulum not respond?

Despite the precautions taken, your pendulum may not move and remain static. Where has this problem occurred? What went wrong? Who is at fault? You or the pendulum?

Quite often, it happens that the pendulum does not answer because it simply does not understand your question. There are a few possible reasons: either you are not in a spiritual state conducive to a response (too much stress, too much emotion, too much emotional involvement, too much fatigue) or your spiritual state does not favor “letting go”.

So, wait for another day when the situation will then be less “hot” for you, and less sensitive for you. It is also useless to direct you to another medium: if you are not ready to hear a divine message, do not do it.

It’s because you will lack perspective and will only see what you want to see. In such emotional situations, it is very unwise to turn to esotericism. Take a sufficient step back, wait, then when the circumstances are favorable, you can try again if you are in a neutral state favoring the use of the pendulum.
In another rarer case, you are too much in control and refuse to let your intuitive part take over.

For you to use pendulums, you must successfully disconnect your reason from your intuition. In a way, it’s as if you were trying to disconnect your brain to listen only to the invisible world, to your intuition. It’s not easy, but with practice, you always get there!

Letting go is acquired gradually. Don’t be upset.

This is VERY important: Remember that the pendulum is only an extension of you. Don’t focus on the swings of the pendulum.

Let it be. It is the divinatory pendulum that will guide you. Focus on your question.

The case where the pendulum is wrong

Above all, remember that the pendulum does not lend itself.
After use, keep it in a small bag, sometimes you’ll get these when you purchase one, or if not, you must get one, so that your pendulum does not absorb all the surrounding energies and vibrations.

If for a certain time you do not use it, it is possible that your pendulum “sulks” at you. It may take time to get used to you again, and it will be your friend once again.

It is also possible that the pendulum’s response does not coincide with reality on several occasions. When in doubt, ask simple questions “am I dressed in black pants?” », « have I already paid my rent? », « Is my phone on vibrate? “.

If the answers are incorrect, there is a problem.

I STRONGLY advise you to purify your pendulum, which may have absorbed too much bad energy. Purify your pendulum as soon as you think it necessary.

Latest recommendations on this divinatory tool

Also keep in mind that while pendulum responses in divinatory use are quick, they also do not presume how quickly the action will be performed.

Namely that if you change anything in your behavior, the response of the pendulum will be distorted.

For example, if you ask if you will pass your chemistry exam next week and the answer is positive and you are satisfied with it, then you stop studying, inevitably the pendulum’s answer is not valid…

You can always use the divinatory supports (the Oracle of Belline, Tarot of Marseilles, the Blue Oracle…) in addition. Nothing forbids you to have a response development.