Psychic reading online

For the psychic reading consultation online to be possible and give you a correct psychic reading we need:

  • Your first name
  • Date of birth
  • The question that concerns you with a clear title
  • The question formulated must not contain “and” or “or”)
  • A short summary of the situation if you consider it necessary
  • If a third person is concerned, we will need their first name and date of birth
  • A photo (this is optional but always help)

When paying for your reading, you will automatically receive an email indicating the procedure to follow so that we can process your order.

If you do not receive anything, we invite you to check your spam/junk mail.

The team will respond to you by email as soon as possible (as a rule within 48 hours). The answer provided will be as detailed as possible to guide you in your decision-making.

The response by email allows you to keep a written record, which you can reread for free online. Very often, during a second reading, we better understand the question and guidance you seek from your reading. This is the best solution because emotional distance often will help to better pick up predictions and thus better digest them.

Why ask for a psychic reading online (not free)?

The psychic reading online is a written tool on our site that offers you the possibility of keeping track of predictions. You can read it again to have a “cold reading”, which will help to understand the psychic messages best.

If you cannot find specific wording for your questions, you can explain your situation to us when we chat. Thus, a title will be found in agreement with you. Attention: the deadline of 48 hours maximum run from the moment the title is found.

The titles can be formulated in a very simple way:

  • How will my romantic situation evolve?
  • How will my relationship evolve?
  • Will I get pregnant quickly?
  • Will I find a job?

Don’t worry too much about the wording of your title.

Thus, for a psychic reading online, you tell our psychics what is bothering you and we will answer you when we are in the best possible conditions, and we will deliver the result to you in writing.

In rare cases, you may be bothered by a situation but you formulate a question on an entirely different area. The divination psychics register your first concern and they respond to it. With my experience, I know how to solve this kind of problem and explain to you if a reading responds to a completely different area.

Your concentration is important so that you have an appropriate response when you are reading your accurate psychic readings.

Accurate online psychic readings

The psychic reading online is just as serious as psychic readings by another channel. We use our perceptions and our intuitions which we complete with cards (oracles or tarots).

By being focused, we more easily perceive the messages that we send to you in writing.

At Kinthia, our site provides a psychic reading online is guaranteed professional, understandable, accurate, and of course confidential!

We sometimes refuse to deal with certain questions if we believe they violate our code of practice. For example, we might refuse to answer questions from third parties without their consent, which would be violating their privacy.

What are the advantages of a psychic reading consultation online?

Some people prefer not to have a phone chat session or video chat session with our psychic readers, for reasons we respect. We offer multiple different sources, services, and mediums for providing the best and most accurate psychic readings online.

Some of our top psychics actually prefer psychic readings online rather than psychic readings by phone. This type of psychic reading is less intimidating and allows you to reveal less. In any case, we do not disclose any of your personal information.

Psychic readings online also make it possible to be carried out and transmitted regardless of the time, regardless of your time zone, and regardless of your location. We receive it and process it as soon as possible.

It’s up to you whether or not you explain your situation. You are the one who controls the elements we have to make your reading.
Some also communicate more easily in writing than orally. It is therefore a more practical way for some consultants to be able to tell their story, and to choose the appropriate words, which they will have taken care to write down on their keyboard.

Are psychic readings online high quality and accurate?

Our psychic readers receive your written request for psychic reading consultations online and respond within 48 hours.

You can question your future in your love life, family life, and professional life… Or even something like if pregnancy is coming soon for you or someone if your love life… All questions are possible and the answers will be accurate.

We obviously do not judge any situation and have no morals to give you. That is not our divine duty.

We reserve the right not to deal with certain questions and then proceed to refund them.

When a request for psychic reading consultation online is made, upon receipt of your information, the selected medium chooses his moment and answers your question with professionalism, seriousness, and honesty. We do not practice psychic readings of convenience. We take our time to make sure we offer the best possible services to our clients and customers. We take longer than “just a few minutes” like some other sites…

The readings provided are personalized and carefully written by the best professional psychic readers across any site using tarot cards.