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Dear visitors,

My mom (Rouge et Pivoine) and I (Kinthia) have decided to open the doors of our world of psychic readings, fortune-telling, tarot readings, spirituality and esotericism that we have experienced from generation to generation.

As a fortune teller we will answer your questions to help you better understand your future. We claim a psychic reading without complacency, with our own code of morality, for a healthy and framed practice, without lies or deception.

We respond with our heart and our mastery of the fortune-telling and tarot readings for several decades. We are channels and intermediaries between the celestial and terrestrial world.

The messages from fortune teller tools are advice. They are not there to dictate your conduct or behavior. See them as supports on your life path. We send you the messages we receive to help you make informed decisions.


Complete psychic readings by our psychic reading professionals

We answer your questions on different themes: love, pregnancy, professional, spiritual, etc.

Psychic reading by email

A detailed response within 48 hours
From $5 (depending on the question asked)

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Psychic reading by phone

Psychic reading conversation on the phone
From $25 for 15 mins

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Psychic reading by chat

Psychic reading conversation through text chat
From $25 for 15 mins

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Professionals selected for quality services

Professionals with real gifts

Here, we are committed to working with honesty and simplicity. You will only find professionals here who share our standard of good conduct. No deception, no lies, only seriousness and commitment.

Code of Conduct

We work with the idea of ​​a healthy and supervised practice. We do not judge any situation. We exercise our profession with respectful principles for everyone. Rest assured that we will not divulge any information about you. You can trust us.

Consultation without overspending

Since we are a healthy practice, it seems essential to us that you have direct control both over the choice of your psychic reading and over the price of our consultations. We are committed to a rate that we do not exceed under any circumstances. You are responsible for this choice.

Consultation with serious and professional psychic readers

We opened our forum and our site of psychic readings, fortune-telling, tarot readings, tarot meanings, spirituality and esotericism in 2006. It retraces our experience, the feedback from our psychic consultations, and the learning that we continue to have over time. We believe that being a psychic or a fortune teller can be learned and developed on a daily basis. But we keep our basics, namely humility, respect, non-judgment, seriousness and professionalism.

We propose to you to be the intermediary between the world of the beyond and our reality here below. We answer your questions on all topics: love, professional, pregnancy, finances, spirituality... and this, by email, chat or by phone, with or without an appointment.

The freedom to choose your psychic reader and your type of psychic consultation

Because we want to be as close as possible to your desires, our psychic reading platform brings together our team of psychic professionals who are at your disposal to answer your concerns about your future.

Listen to your intuition and go to the professional psychic who will answer your questions.

As for the types of psychic consultations that we offer, they have the merit of respecting your choices. Thus, some prefer discretion and thus favor psychic readings by SMS, while others want psychic readings by phone, chat or email.

We adapt as much as possible for your private, confidential and discreet readings.

As for deadlines, we process your requests as quickly as possible. Thus, in the vast majority of cases, in 48 hours, you will have an answer for your future.