by Kinthia Fortune-telling
In this article, we will focus on fortune-telling, and also on the fortune-telling tools and methods that can be used to know your future. Each method corresponds to one or more fortune-telling tools. Everything depends on the form’s affinities, and abilities.

After this overview of various fortune-telling tools, I invite you to reflect on the nature of our world and the vibrations and magic surrounding us. There is no clear or defined border. Each form has access to the past, the present, and also the future. This brings us to reflect on the question of whether fortune-telling is a magic gift or whether this art is available to everyone.

What is fortune-telling?

How do we define the fortune-telling? fortune-telling is a set of acts and methods, that an initiate would practice to have knowledge of the future. It is through the fortune-telling and the fortune-telling tools that the initiate would then have access to information that any individual could not claim to know.

Sometimes, the feelings of “déjà vu” can be felt by “ordinary” people. How can we explain the “déjà-vu”? It is an experience that almost all of us experience. A scene that unfolds before our eyes and we already have the impression of having lived or felt that scene before. However, the spiritual event has to happen for us to rediscover this feeling. Without it, we cannot notice it, nor recognize it before it happens.

A small fraction of the population (that is to say having received an initiation) is recognized as being endowed with “gifts”. These “gifts” are either given at birth or found and cultivated through regular experimentation.

From an ancestral practice, the art of fortune-telling is passed down from generation to generation. The art is used all over the world today in distant lands, in all cultures… fortune-telling leaves no one indifferent.

Fortune-telling: the past, the present, and the future?

Fortune-telling has to do with the future. So, you want to know what the future holds for you. The questions “will my ex come back ?”, and “am I going to get pregnant soon?“ fortune-telling can help with. The art can help you anticipate these events or prepare you for adversity.

However, the person who practices the art of fortune-telling (the magician, the sage, the reader, the seer, the witch, the prophet), can also read your past, including the Akashic records. (A witch is most oftentimes women).

But what are the Akashic analyses?

It is a kind of large library where the lives of each original person is listed, from their first incarnation to their next life… Your past, your trials, your personality, your life course, and any subsequent lives are then recorded.

Not everyone has access to the analyses. You need an experienced person, a witch, for example, to do it for you.

To practice fortune-telling is to free oneself from all constraints: it is to know everything about the past, the present, and the future, in all areas. The initiated person will have access to unlimited knowledge.

When we talk about the past, we are also talking about past lives that some can also find through feelings of “flashback”, of attraction for a person or an era.

What are the most accessible fortune-telling methods and tools?

There are so many different fortune-telling that listing them would be unbearable to read and take me a million years to write. Each reader uses one or more of the fortune-telling methods according to their preferences and affinities. To find yours, you must test them until you find the specific fortune-telling tool that fits best for you.

Thus, among the best-known fortune-telling, there are:


This is probably the best-known form. Cartomancy includes all fortune-telling practices with cards in the form of Tarot Cards, An Oracle, or even the traditional deck of 32 cards. These are the cards that define your future and only initiated people (reader, seer) can decipher the codes and symbols to interpret your future. Also, note that it is possible to buy a completely blank deck of cards that you can decorate as you wish.

Crystal ball

The very symbol of the reader, the crystal ball sits on the reader’s table. Some psychics use it either for decoration or as a tool to see what the future holds. They then see scenes through this magic crystal ball. Some crystal balls have stars on them and some do not.


In the form of pebbles or cards, the runes preside over your future. Runes are generally less well known than tools like cartomancy or the crystal ball.


Probably the most well-known nowadays, astrology enjoys a very important popularity. We often use a daily horoscope, a monthly horoscope, or even a horoscope of the whole year according to your zodiac sign. Horoscopes can be found in a book, online, or even in some decks of cards. Astrology can predict your future according to the positions of the planets and stars. We distinguish the birth chart which freezes the positions of the planets and stars on the day and according to your place of birth giving a general aspect of your personality or your possible future.


As the name suggests, numerology relies on the numbers of your date of birth to determine your life path, your past, or even your future. For numerology, each number corresponds to a specific vibration that needs to be decoded in some form.


The art of palmistry involves reading the palms to tell you your future. Everything would be told through the lines of your hand: the number of children you will have, how lucky you are, heart line, life line, or even head line to name a few. In short, our future would be told by our own hands!


Used by dowsers, the rod or the pendulum indicates where the water or the oil is, for example. It is used to guide its user to a specific point. That’s the boring magic of it. The better way, in my opinion, is when the pendulum is used to locate people, and lost objects, or even used with boards to specify finer answers than “yes” or “no”. Generally, the pendulum is used to answer closed questions requiring a clear answer: either positive or negative.

Other fortune-telling methods and tools

More used in some cultures than the US, fortune-telling can take other forms such as throwing an object. Think for example of certain wizards who use bones (astragalomancy), pebbles (geomancy), and dice (kybomancy).

Fortune-telling are extremely varied and depend on the affinity of the initiate towards the tool.

But, other forms use direct contact with the afterlife. For example, graphomancy is the art of communicating with the dead to obtain answers.


Dreams can also be a great, original, and easy gateway to reading the future. Some speak of premonitory dreams or lucid/conscious dreams. It is through dreams that we can also communicate with the other dimensions of our universe. There are certain types of tea that can help with lucid dreams as well. Then there’s oneiromancy.

When we’re dreaming, our censorship lifts and allows us to detach ourselves from the physical world. Everyone has their beliefs, but while you are dreaming, your astral body takes over and travels through the different layers of our world. This is what you may have already felt when dreaming of flying, or finding yourself in a state of complete lightness, without gravity, or literally floating. You may have done it. You dreamed of flying and yet it’s true, you experienced it! You can also, find missing people and talk to them. This is how premonitory dreams can take place.

We could continue by evoking less known and probably less used forms such as cafédomancy where the medium reads the future through coffee grounds. Everything can be a pretext to read the future: from everyday objects to the folkloric side of the practice, religion, or prophecy. There are even some divination that are tied to Halloween!

How to explain fortune-telling?

Fortune-telling works by a kind of intuition that we cannot really “locate”. Even if Allan Kardec, father of spiritualism, wrote founding books like the Book of Spirits and the Book of Mediums. These are two founding works that any initiate must have in his library to start his esoteric and spiritual learning.

Esotericism, in a broad sense, the person is able to receive messages from another dimension, or from beyond. Not by the 5 usual senses (hearing, smell, touch, taste, sight), but by a 6th sense. Called intuition, it is an extrasensory channel that helps translate information. Everyone calls it what they want. Some will feel a “clairvoyance” where they will see beyond mere sight, having a kind of “flash” of their future or someone else’s future.

When others will be plugged into another “improved” channel: clairaudience. They will be able to talk to spirits, for example. Other forms exist, sometimes even combined: clairaudience and clairvoyance are capacities that the little boy possesses in the film 6th Sense with Bruce Willis. Think of it as a sort of extension of one or more of our senses.

The physical and spiritual world are composed of waves and vibrations

To fully understand how our world works, you have to go back to the basics. The colors are only waves, vibrations emitting at a certain frequency. Our eyes see colors, but it’s a whole cerebral work that has been set in motion. The colors basically form a vibration which is then translated into a spectrum.

Our brain works in waves and vibrations. On one side we have alpha waves and on the other, we find beta waves. Each corresponds to a frequency detectable by an electroencephalogram. Alpha waves correspond to wakefulness and attentiveness. Beta waves correspond to a state of sleep. The subject’s attention is “cut off”.

We just don’t pay attention to it in our daily lives. We allow ourselves to be deceived by our brain which shows us a certain reality. If I see the color red, I don’t try to decode the frequency of the vibration to tell myself that I see a frequency that is interpreted by my brain as a certain color. Why would I doubt it?

From the moment you understand differently, you can have access to another truth.

How do I know if I have a gift of Fortune-telling?

We all have faculties. Some are in a latent state (as if asleep) and others are manifested (already present). It is then a question of either waking them up or continuing to cultivate them. Only with time, patience, and perseverance will you get results. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t “see anything coming.” Each person is different. The learning time varies and we do not all have the same life course.

For dormant abilities, you have different ways to awaken them. You can either work on your past lives, use fortune-telling support tools (we have drawn up some of them), use stones like rocks, or crystals, or undertake meditation.