Psychic Reading

A psychic reading is a capacity to obtain answers to one’s questions, from sources that are free from limitations of the laws of nature, or one’s five senses. These answers are not viewable to the human eye.
Psychic readings are not a science and are not recognized as such. For scientists, these phenomena have no theoretical basis.

How to characterize psychic readings?

Psychic readings are sometimes recognized and classified in a category: esotericism and the spiritual arts.

By certain faculties, a reader can see, hear, and feel future events that will occur.

We all have the possibility of sensing and predicting certain events. Only, in some people, it turns out that this ability is buried: out of fear, out of lack of belief, or even out of a desire not to believe it.

In others, this ability is awakened. A psychic reader is different in this way: he/she has had abilities from a very young age. The reader communicates with the spirits and probably does not need divination tools (the divinatory arts) to know what the future holds. Oftentimes, a reader will use these tools though, as they can only do good and no harm. A reader might use tools when he/she does not manage to identify the subject or to have more general information.

What does a reader use?

A reader in most cases uses a tool, usually, the Rider Waite Tarot is the best known and used (while for some it is incomprehensible), oracle, pendulum… Some readers may read in a crystal ball, the coffee grounds, on a white sheet… The reader can use these tools and cannot always control certain sensations, or certain feelings which push them to see further than the message transmitted by the cards.

How and where can you get a psychic reading?

The profession is not protected and no diploma would give you the right to exercise the profession of a psychic reader. However, laws exist on this subject. Just like other professions, there are scammers. There is a difference. Theories circulate in the sense that a good psychic reader does not charge or ask anything in exchange for a reading. But how do you pay the various bills at the end of the month? There is a tie between every day life and spiritual life that is forced to remain.

It cannot be free. We live in a world where we need to pay bills and feed our families. I am of the opinion that in order to cut the link with the person, in order not to absorb the negative, an exchange is necessary. Whether it’s 10 cents or $30 (some psychic readers can charge up to $150 for a 2-hour reading). In any case, it is up to the person to know if he wants to pay the price, whether by a gift, an invitation, or otherwise. It is up to the person to find out about the reader’s returns, or his prices. He is free to choose.

There are many possibilities and sources on how to find a psychic reader: by a professional office, phone, online, at parties, on a specific website…

The final words

Don’t forget that the psychic readers, the people drawing the cards… can be wrong.

Being overly attached by the person seeking answers can harm the interpretations causing the divine energies to close off to you and lie to you to make you understand that you must not be attached to the outcome of the psychic reading.

Above all, psychics will bring you help and advice, but the solution is always within you.

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