How to use a pendulum

How to use a pendulum
par Kinthia - Pendulum

Today we are going to focus on how to use the pendulum and specifically the different ways of using it. First, it is essential to understand what a pendulum can be used for, how to program it and how to handle it. Ask yourself many questions about this mysterious pendulum tool. We will then remove all doubts and you will gain knowledge about this tool and its abilities (dowsing). Let’s play follow the leader shall we?

What is dowsing?

Using a pendulum means translating surrounding vibrations that our eyes cannot perceive and translating them into a yes/no/maybe answer. It give us an answer we can understand. The pendulum therefore serves as an intermediary. View it as a translation tool that can translate between a foreign language into a language we use everyday. Except in this case, it’s translating from a spiritual plane, to one that average humans can understand.

The dowsing includes both the pendulum and the rods you have probably already seen. It can be dowsing rods (to detect underground springs, metals…) like a simple pendulum. In some shops, you will find a dowsing kit that includes the dowsing rods and pedulum, as a combination of tools.

Why use a pendulum?

A pendulum has various powers and it can help with:

  • Entertain
  • Ask questions about your future
  • Help make decisions
  • Find a lost animal
  • Find a missing person
  • Clean a home from negative waves and vibrations
  • Clean your chakras and body from negative waves and vibrations
  • Communicate with your Guardian Angel
  • Develop your gift (or potential)

The power of the pendulum is vast and abundant.
Now that we have seen the possible power of the pendulum, let’s see how to get one.

Which pendulum to choose?

You have two different schools. The first school explains that depending on your status (beginner or advanced) you will not be able to use the same pendulum. Indeed, according to this theory, some pendulums would be more suitable for beginners. Personally, I started with a very simple pendulum, never felt the need to change pendulum because I had progressed in my esoteric teaching. Also, I never found it “limited” or more complex when I was a beginner. For this school, the pendulum shape, which is more suitable for beginners, is in the form of a ball, a cone or a drop. These very light forms are then more sensitive to variations and the movements of the pendulum will be naturally amplified.

The other school, of which I am a part of, does not necessarily recommend a type of pendulum according to your level. The most important thing, in my humble opinion, is to go for a pendulum that seduces you at first glance. We must not rationalize in esotericism and spirituality. Instead, always go for a product that “speaks” to you. If one speaks to you, then you have chosen the right one and there is no need to think more. Anyway, in esotericism, everything is done by feeling and intuition.
Whether it is stone, wood, metal, crystal, always go for what appeals to you.

How to make your own pendulum

If you don’t have an esoteric shop nearby and/or you don’t feel like ordering it online, you can also make one yourself. You can take a small chain (it does not matter if it is gold or silver or steel) on which you will hang a ring (or pendant). This solution is effective. But remember to clean your handmade pendulum so you don’t “pollute” it with past negative energy or vibrations.

Now that we have illustrated a good pendulum, how do you use it to optimize its power?

Be careful! Remember that in any case, you must not lend your pendulum to anyone else. Your divination pendulum is a very personal tool. It therefore does not lend itself. The relationship between you and your pendulum is exclusive, which reinforces its sanctity and purity.

How to use a pendulum?

Now that you have your pendulum in hand, it’s time to understand how your divination tool works.

The very first step is to take care of it. Before you got your pendulum, it absorbed a ton of different energies and vibrations from its surroudnings. Like any new clothes (for example), you will have to wash it before wearing it, or else wearing them immediately could make you itchy (plus they have that weird little smell). Think of that bad smell on new clothes like the bad vibrations on a new pendulum.

It will have to be purified and recharged. Depending on its material, you can pass it under water with coarse salt, put it in the moonlkght, pass it under Frankincense or even place it in a Quartz geode. Do what your intuition tells you but also what your pendulum can support. If it is made of wood, inevitably, the water will be detrimental to it. The advice of sellers is a very important source of information. So don’t hesitate to ask them.

You will allow the pendulum as much time as necessary in the purifying form chosen.

Above all, be sure to put it back in its protective pouch after use. This cover is like its home. It protects it from the surrounding vibrations.
Once your pendulum is cleansed of all poor surrounding vibrations, you are all set! You can begin to program it.

How to program your pendulum? And more importantly, how does a pendulum respond?

These movements clockwise or counterclockwise give you the answer to your question.

I strongly advise you to let the pendulum itself choose its direction of movement. So, ask it out loud, “Please tell me the meaning of yes.” Then, do the same for “no” and a meaning for a question the pendulum does not wish to answer.

This way of answering yes/no/maybe is called mental convention. It is a pact between you and your pendulum that will always signify the same direction to the oscillations. Always let him choose his meaning. As a guest at someone’s home, do we ask our host to serve us our favorite dish? No, absolutely not. When you are in Rome you do as the Romans do.

A pendulum can decide not to answer either because the title is incorrect or it has no answer or because your spiritual and emotional state (fatigue, stress, sadness) is not suitable for a psychic exercise like this.

If you are unable to use your own pendulum, you can go to our dedicated “pendulum yes or no ” page to get a quick and free answer.

Programming is fast. Remember. always ask it for permission to answer your question. It’s a way to show that you treat your pendulum with respect. Your pendulum is like an elder. Treat it with respect and it will help you. If you don’t, it will tell you to get off it’s lawn 😂.

A fortune teller must not forget that the pendulum is the instrument for translating symbols, a language. Without the instrument, the fortune teller is nothing.

How to carry the pendulum? What posture to adopt to hold your pendulum?

To properly carry your pendulum, you must have a good position. For that, I already advise you to be well seated, your back straight and your feet flat on the ground. Uncross your legs.

Use your dominant hand (the one you write with). It is best to rest your elbow on a flat surface. In this way, you will be less likely to have parasitic tremors.

Carry your pendulum between the index finger and the thumb, turned downwards. Try to find a position that’s comfortable and doesn’t strain you. Do not force the pressure between the pendulum and your fingers. It has to be free and unconstrained.

Then let your pendulum or chain hang loosely. Your pendulum will start swinging on its own. Don’t stop it. Let him be and trust him. It is he who will lead the dance.

You will then naturally find the position that suits you best.

A few tips for getting in shape

To use the pendulum in the face of your questions, you must be in conditions that allow it. For that :

  • Be calm and in a favorable environment: no television, no phone, and no parasitic ambient noise in the background.
  • Be in a place where you will not be disturbed.
  • Be relaxed, serene.
  • Empty yourself.
  • Listen to your breathing, refocus on the essentials.
  • Detach yourself from your current concerns, from the stress you have stored up.
  • If you are tense, tired, sad: postpone your session. You may not get reliable answers if you force it.
  • Then, trust yourself naturally.

These minimum conditions are like a little ritual to apply. Gradually, instead of it being a constraint, it will become natural and you will have a kind of mental preparation before each use of the pendulum.

How do you know when the pendulum responds?

You will quickly realize that when the pendulum starts to turn it doesn’t necessarily mean that it already has an answer for you. It simply “warms up”.
When you feel he is ready, ask him to stop his swings. You will then see that on its own, it will stop.

Next, think about the title of your question, which must necessarily be clear and precise. Thus, avoid questions containing an “and” or an “or”. The title should be short, concise and clear: this is what I call the 3Cs. Short, concise and clear. If you have several questions, nothing prevents you from asking them one by one.

Your question should not contain too personal elements, nor elements of answer. If you are also very involved in the situation, it will be difficult for you to have a neutral mind. Because when the pendulum answers, it will be necessary on your part that you accept the answer. Whether you like it… or not!

Do you need a donation to use the pendulum?

I am often asked this question and my answer is always the same. No, it does not take any gift to hold a pendulum and use it.

I always say that the term “gift” seems inappropriate to me. The term “donation” has too strong a religious connotation and it especially excludes a part of the population. However, we are all able to use this esoteric practice.

We all have esoteric potential within us. It is more or less buried, more or less expressed, more or less latent, but it is there. Some refuse it, others seek it, while others work on it. It all depends on how you see things. Very often, the pendulum is the first gateway into the esoteric world and that is all that matters.

Now that we’ve seen it all together, I invite you to take the plunge and experiment with your pendulum for yourself.

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