Pendulum Yes or No

The use of the dowsing pendulum in fortune-telling is an ancestral technique of divination. The pendulum will allow you to obtain an immediate answer (yes or no) to any question you may have.

Ask your question

For the pendulum to answer you properly and without any ambiguity, I recommend that you follow the few instructions below:

  1. Relax by inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly.
  2. Phrase your question so it can be answered with yes or no.
  3. Concentrate on the question you are going to ask the pendulum.
  4. Write down the question you want to be answered.
  5. Press the “Pendulum, answer me” button
  6. Don’t forget to thank the pendulum once you get the answer.
  7. Only the first answer counts.

When should a pendulum be used?

The uses of pendulums are varied depending on your problem.

  • he divine pendulum can answer either yes, no or I don’t know concerning a question that you are asking about your present or future.
  • It can also tell you where to find underground water. In that case, you may have seen a “dowsing rod” before. This rotates as soon as it detects a source of water. You notice that generally the houses located under watercourses are not always well inspected. We will probably have the opportunity to talk about it in another article.
  • The pendulum can also help you find a lost object. It can then be as effective as the invocation to Saint Anthony of Padua. Because who hasn’t already lost their keys? So how do you find your keys easily? By using a pendulum! It will tell you where to go!
  • It can help clean chakras. By its oscillations, the pendulum will turn in one direction, then at the end of the cleaning that you will have carried out, you will be able to check by the change of the oscillations if the cleaning of the chakras (or of an interior) has been effective. This use of the pendulum is recommended for people who have developed a real affinity and a real convincing experience with the pendulum.

Do not hesitate either to provide yourself with boards to clarify your answers. Answers yes, no, or I don’t know are interesting, and having specifics can be important for some questions. The boards are an exciting tool in esoteric and spiritual practice. You can find it in specialty stores or you can make one yourself. The boards will then be like a complement to the responses of the pendulum. Planks can also guide your beginner practice if you need extra support.

What questions to ask with the pendulum?

The way you ask your question is also decisive. The title must be clear and precise. So avoid the “2 in 1” type question “am I going to find love and move?”. In this case, two questions will have to be asked, one after the other.

You may ask any respectful questions. Only, I invite you to respect a specific area: never ask a question if it could harm the privacy of a third person who has not asked anything.

Now that everything is clear to you, you can train with your new companion.

Through the oscillations, you will be able to start a discussion with your divinatory tool. But how does the pendulum respond? By the oscillations.

Is the pendulum reliable?

It all depends on your beliefs. From my experience of more than 2 decades with the divinatory pendulum, I can tell you that I was amazed by it.

A pendulum is a valuable tool in divinatory practice. He can date an event, give the sex of a baby, find lost objects/animals…

In my opinion, a pendulum is an additional tool to an esoteric practice, namely as a complement and not as an end in itself. It’s only my opinion.

We can use the pendulum if we already have a kind of first “intuition” of the response of the pendulum so that our “subconscious” does the work and causes the direction of the desired oscillations.

The pendulum helped me personally to find lost objects and to purify my chakras. I felt that my interior was very polluted by negative waves and vibrations ever since some unexplained problems started happening to me.

So I grabbed my pendulum which confirmed to me that a good little energetic cleaning of my interior was necessary. So I did what was necessary and then asked my pendulum to confirm that my interior was purified.

I had to make several attempts before the pendulum confirmed that the release had been made. The problems then miraculously stopped. Like any interior, it always ends up being polluted again, but I then realized that this series of problems simply had its origin in me.

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